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Sandwich Osnovne informacije

Sandwich je pronađena u godini 1997 i sada je 21 godina u poslu.

Naslov web stranice

Sandwich.Net Internet Services

Opis web stranice

Sandwich.Net is a Web hosting and e-mail service provider.

Kontakt informacije

Sandwich.Net, LLC 41 Schermerhorn St., PMB #335 Brooklyn, NY 11201-4802 USA By e-mail Sales: sales@sandwich.net Technical support: support@sandwich.net Security/abuse: abuse@sandwich.net

Sandwich Odgovori podrške na naša pitanja!

  • Koju garanciju povrata novca omogućavate?
    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel within the first 30 days and request a refund, we'll refund all of your basic service fees (the $5.95/month). Domain name registration (if any), extra disk space, and bandwidth are the only things we won't refund. We don't require you to give a reason for cancelling, although we'd like to know what we did wrong.
  • Koje je vaše prosječno vrijeme dostupnosti?
    We're currently at around 99.98%. Our status pages are at: http://sandwichnet.livejournal.com/ http://www.twitter.com/sandwichnet
  • Koje je vaše vrijeme odgovora i što pokriva?
    We offer unlimited e-mail and telephone support; we're usually available from 9 AM - 11 PM Eastern, and 24/7 for emergencies. Our typical response time for non-urgent requests is 4-6 hours. (This is longer than many providers advertise; I would stress that this is for a complete response, and usually a resolution, not just for an acknowledgement of your request.) We don't provide site development assistance, although we will help install or update most common Web applications if you wish. You would be on your own for site design, template management, SEO, etc
  • Imate kupona ili popusta?
    Sure, we'll offer you MySQL for no additional charge. All other features are always included. We can support almost anything upon request, except for Windows-only features like ASP/.NET (we're strictly Linux/UNIX-based).
  • Što nam još možete reći o svojoj web hosting tvrtci i uslugama?
    Web hosting is a huge industry, so I don't think anyone can claim to be completely unique. :) We're a very small company, concentrating on quality and reliability. Our size means that our response time may sometimes be a little bit longer (as I mentioned), but we're generally able to give better responses and better service in general. You'll never get a form letter in reply to a support request. We've also been around for a long time (since 1997 as a hobby, and offering commercial service continuously since 2001), and we plan to stay.

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