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Internet Connection je pronađena u godini 1996 i sada je 22 godina u poslu.

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Web Hosting and Email Hosting Services from Internet Connection, Inc.

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Web hosting services and email hosting services on linux and windows advanced server.

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Internet Connection, Inc. 600 Dover Rd Suite 204 Easton, MD 21601 US

Internet connection Odgovori podrške na naša pitanja!

  • Koju garanciju povrata novca omogućavate?
    If you are not satisfied with our hosting services at any time during the first 120 days (4months), we will refund your hosting fees with no questions. In order to request a refund, all you have to do is notify us by e-mail or regular mail, include your user name and password so that we can verify your identity and we will confirm your request, then process your refund.
  • Koje je vaše prosječno vrijeme dostupnosti?
    Our average uptime is 99.9%. We stress-test our servers before putting them into production services to make sure that they will withstand high-load and high-bandwidth surges. We keep our servers updated with the latest versions of their operating system and do routine checks on them to make sure that they are running at peak performance.
  • Koje je vaše vrijeme odgovora i što pokriva?
    a)We offer the highest grade of technical support assistance to our costumers. Our knowledgeable Technical Support Staff are completely at your disposal, either by e-mail or telephone 24 hours a day. We strive to address questions or problems as soon as you notify us. In most cases we resolve those issues within hours of your notification, and whenever possible, we try to correct problems while you are still on the phone or online. Our Support Technicians are highly trained on the inner workings of the Internet and its associated technologies and routinely go above and beyond by assisting clients with local computer or network issues, recommending fixes and workarounds, or even arming the client with the proper knowledge so they can contact their network administrator or ISP to resolve issues that are beyond the scope of our authority. Our hosting services include a full package of analytical tools which enable you monitor the traffic and performance of your web site(s). We also offer Search Engine Optimization services to increase the visibility of your site(s) whenever users perform searches. b)We offer a full range of web design and development services to help you refine or improve your existing web sites.
  • Imate kupona ili popusta?
    We would offer you a discount from the regular monthly hosting fee for a single account because you indicated that you have at least two accounts you wish to transfer to us. Until we know the specific nature of those accounts and which hosting package is most appropriate for your situation, we can't be any more specific than that. BUT, if your organizations happen to be not-for-profits, there are further discounts available. In addition, if you happen to be a web-master or reseller, we also offer further discounts.
  • Što nam još možete reći o svojoj web hosting tvrtci i uslugama?
    InternetConnection has been in business since 1994 and our ONLY business is providing Internet-related services, including hosting, web design, database management and specialized programming. We are a Tier 1 service provider and are one of the original signatories to the ARIN protocol. Although we have clients all over the world, we are locally owned and operated, so our main priority is providing our customers the service they require, rather than meeting any financial targets imposed by outside corporate owners or shareholders. We would be happy to provide you with names of other clients as references.

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