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Impression Internet Osnovne informacije

Impression Internet je pronađena u godini 2007 i sada je 11 godina u poslu.

Kontakt informacije

E-mail: support@impressioninternet.co.uk

Impression internet Odgovori podrške na naša pitanja!

  • Koju garanciju povrata novca omogućavate?
    We do not offer any money back guarantees but you can choose to pay monthly and if you want to leave or move to another host you can do so at any time. Domain names must be paid for in full in advance but can be transferred away without cost. We don’t offer refunds but at the same time do not tie you into a contract so you can leave any time.
  • Koje je vaše prosječno vrijeme dostupnosti?
    Our uptime is generally very good (we do not publish an exact figure) but it is comparable to most “shared hosting” packages out there at around 98 – 99%. We have a status page on our website (the link is at the top) which lists any current problems or planned maintenance.
  • Koje je vaše vrijeme odgovora i što pokriva?
    We are a very small company and only provide support by e-mail during office hours Monday - Friday. We were setup to provide hosting for our web design clients but now offer hosting for everyone. We find out clients do not need much support as we have comprehensive help databases and very little problem on the servers. We usually reply to urgent support requests within 30 minutes during office hours. If you are looking for a dedicated support system or call centre manned by a lot of people every hour of the day then we are not the right choice for you I’m afraid due to our smaller size.
  • Imate kupona ili popusta?
    We do not at the moment as our hosting and domain prices are about as low as we can go to make a margin. We will be launching a yearly package discount code soon though which will be published in our blog.
  • Što nam još možete reći o svojoj web hosting tvrtci i uslugama?
    Impression Internet was setup to provide hosting for our web design customers (Weymouth Web Design). We got a lot of requests from the public to host their websites so we setup a dedicated website and business for this.

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