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Equiphase je pronađena u godini 2005 i sada je 13 godina u poslu.

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UK Web Hosting Solutions - Equiphase - Welcome

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Equiphase was established to provide reliable, inexpensive, and responsive web hosting and internet services to the home and business user.

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Equiphase Limited Creative Industries Building Mammoth Drive Wolverhampton Science Park Wolverhampton WV10 9TG

Equiphase Odgovori podrške na naša pitanja!

  • Koju garanciju povrata novca omogućavate?
    We do not offer any money-back guarantees for clients who elect to pay on a monthly basis for their hosting services. If you pay for your hosting on an annual basis, you can request a pro-rated refund at any time for the unused months. So for example, if a client paid for hosting for a year in July 2009 thru end of June 2010, they could request a refund in September for the months October 2009 to June 2010. We have yet to have a client request a refund or leave us due to unsatisfactory service though ;)
  • Koje je vaše prosječno vrijeme dostupnosti?
    Our average uptime is around 99.70% or greater. Our uptime can be seen from an external monitoring site: http://www.webhostingstuff.com/uptime/Equiphase.html - A few months were pretty poor due to server problems. We have since upgraded all of our cPanel servers with industry leading Solid State drives for the SQL databases to ensure the most optimum read/write speeds for any database intensive sites.
  • Koje je vaše vrijeme odgovora i što pokriva?
    Our main support service is via our ticket system (or direct email as you have sent) - this usually gives a reply within a few hours during business hours, or outside business hours up to 6-8 hours response time. If your matter is urgent (and you mark it as so when you submit the ticket) all of our technicians are notified immediately via SMS and other means to ensure a response within a few minutes.
  • Imate kupona ili popusta?
    Our prices are extremely competitive at the moment (in fact, we're about to put all of the hosting prices up in the next two weeks). As a result of our competitive pricing, there are no special offers on at the moment. However, if you were to sign up now, you would stay with the pricing you are on at the point of ordering (whereas new clients would pay the significantly higher prices for hosting when we do raise the prices).
  • Što nam još možete reći o svojoj web hosting tvrtci i uslugama?
    We also offer Domain Registration, Dedicated Servers, Server Support and Management, and general advice in terms of IT online. We can pre-install certain types of software for you at no additional cost (most companies would charge for this service); software such as Magento eCommerce, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

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