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je pronađena u godini 2004 i sada je 14 godina u poslu.

dhost.info is very simple website powered by Joomla (with copyrights removed), with bad designed layout (well, there is no layout almost - only white text on blue color, no nice graphics or similar elements). Registration form is even more interesting. While they claim to offer free hosting with "a hell of a lot of bandwidth" and some other functions, don't expect to signup fast with dhost.info. Each account requires very detailed description (why you want this account, what kind of website you will host, etc.) and it's likely your application will not get approved (yes, they review each application manually). Also they even don't offer subdomain hosting, and you will be able to access your website via dhost.info/your_username/ only. Also be ready to see forced ads on your pages as well. Well, we didn't receive confirmation email from this company (they didn't like our signup application probably), so we suggest not to waste your time with dhost.info - it's really not worth to bother. You'd better spend this time looking for another hosting provider.

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DeluXe Host - 100MB Free Webspace - Home

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dhost.info - Free Webhosting Provider - 100MB, 300GB Traffic, PHP, MySQL, FTP, DeluXe Host offers 100MB Free Webspace with PHP5 and MySQL5

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Kurmainzer Strasse 205 65936 Frankfurt Hessen Germany +49 173 2835471

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