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je pronađena u godini 1997 i sada je 21 godina u poslu.

Wow - it was the first word after visiting batcave.net. Unlike most of free hosts with poor design, many ads and hard to understand layout, batcave.net contains web 2.0 style interface and we love it. No forced ads, no ugly banners, only professional layout and useful information about packages offered. Free package has nothing exclusive - 1 GB space and web based control panel without any extra features, so it can be used for very simple sites only. And there will be a small banner ad on your pages hosted with batcave.net. Probably it's their strategy to force you upgrading free package to paid one (you will get PHP/MySQL support and more features then). Well, everything is up to you. If you are going to upgrade free package soon, this provider may be of interest for you. But people, who are not willing to pay for hosting (and need more features than batcave.net could offer) probably will look for another provider. And this is a copy of their activation email: Thanks for registering with Batcave.net Hosting! Your account xxx.batcave.net is now setup and you can go to: http://xxx.batcave.net. or paste this URL into your address bar http://www.batcave.net/ Your Personal FTP Information: FTP Server: xxx.batcave.net FTP Login (username): xxx.batcave.net FTP PassWord: xxx FTP Path or Directory (Root): /

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free web page provider on the net. batcave.net offers free hosting, e-mail, site creation and design. Get your space today!

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